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Daniel Frisano - Technical translator
"Unrelenting quest for perfection"

  How I define "quality" in translation

Quality is everybody's favourite concept, yet how do we actually define it? My personal definition relies on several aspects. I will not consider my work as completed until ALL the following criteria are satisfied:
  • Completeness: Every piece of information should be translated. No content will be lost.

  • Correctness: Everything should be conveyed with its most appropriate meaning. No mistranslations or dubious choices. No ambiguity (unless intentional when the source text itself is ambiguous).

  • Consistency: All technical terms should be always rendered with the same equivalent. To this end, my trademark W4 method guarantees an exceptional level of consistency.

  • Conciseness: Unnecessary periphrases should be avoided. Direct and simple solutions are preferable.

  • Special formatting: Superscripts, subscripts, Greek letters, formulas, everything that deviates from plain text should be rendered exactly with its proper format.

  • Syntax and grammar: Subject-verb and adjective-noun agreement, verb tenses, sentence structure.

  • Fluency, style, readability: Even technical documents can flow easily and be pleasant to read.

  • "The invisible translator": Ideally the text should not sound like a translation, but rather as it was written directly in the target language.

  • Basics: No double spaces, no spaces before paragraph breaks, smart quotes, no line breaks between a numerical value and its measurement unit, matching parentheses, etc.

  • Spell check: The number of acceptable typing errors is exactly 0.

  • Honesty: Last but not least, I will never accept a job unless I am absolutely certain that (1) I will be able to provide a flawless product, and (2) I will be able to deliver at least 24 hours in advance.