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Daniel Frisano - Technical translator
"Unrelenting quest for perfection"

  The W4 method

This is a brief overview of the coding method I use when translating technical documents. The method ensures an outstanding level of consistency while simplifying all translation tasks. In short, the procedure works as follows:
  1. Enumerate all recurrent multi-word terms and single words in the source document (frequency count).

  2. Assign to each term a short code and an appropriate translation.
    Example (German to Italian): 'Brennkraftmaschine' → mk\ → 'motore a combustione interna'.

  3. Encode the source document by replacing each selected term with its respective code.

  4. Translate the coded text as usual, keeping the codes intact.

  5. Decode the translated text by replacing each code with its respective translation.
As part of my extended resume, I have prepared a detailed description of the procedure. Feel free to contact me via mail for a copy.